100mpg car was invented by who?

Ogle or Yunick?

100mpg car was invented by Smokey or Ogle? Would it be Tom Ogle or Smokey Yunick that could have invented the Hot Vapor engine that gets such incredible fuel mileage?

OK Smokey’s Fiero was only getting about half the fuel mileage of Tom Ogles 100mpg wonder.

Now, on the other hand, we have a real inventor that built a car that has been tested and documented here.

This is a more realistic approach one would think as not only is the fuel mileage a more reasonable amount while being in a smaller 4 cylinder car. So Smokey is a well-known racing engineer that pushed the envelope and won many races doing so.

Mr. Yunick also had connections with General Motors and led the way with his designs when he came up with his hot vapor engine. That and he left plans and an actual working model that if I remember correctly was up for auction after Smokey passed away!

Now Tom Ogle, on the other hand, used a much larger car with a larger mileage gain. So that is 2 negatives right off the bat. Then a mysterious death/murder with the thoughts or accusations that the oil industry eliminated him?

Just think about how now we have the Prius that does not get as good out of a gallon of gas as either of these 2 inventors. Then think that none of the manufactures with all of their engineers that have no problems with stealing someone else’s ideas or inventions.

Yet they have not been able to come close even with the addition of computers, batteries and electric motors to regenerate braking losses into reusable energy. Now even with all of these modern additions, they have not equalled Smokey Yunicks proven achievements much less Tom Ogles somewhat far-fetched invention.

So who thinks what is the real story here?

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