Abandoned Exotic Cars Around the World

Abandoned Exotic Cars Around the World

This video of Abandoned Exotic Cars Around the World makes you stop and wonder about what some people think about money or their incredibly high end cars 😕

See these by me
Front engine Porsche
See these Porches too

I mean think about it, yes in America where there are Dot Com Millionaires, Lottery Winners to Celebrities for being at the Jersey Shore so money is nothing to them. However most of these Abandoned Exotic Cars Around the World are in countries that are not known for Millionaires that just buy such an expensive investment and walk away 😕

Abandoned Exotics
Abandoned Exotics

Sure there are all kinds but still I couldn’t just walk away from such a high end vehicle. Heck look at the Jaguar mid way through, that is such an incredibly rare and sought after vehicle I cannot believe it could sit for any amount of time without someone rescuing it. One of those cars came to a Jag shop near me and it was almost like they had to have guards to hold people that wanted just to see it back 😯 Now here it is abandoned and nobody including Jaguar itself hasn’t reached out to save this car 🙁

Panteras by me too
Again saw going shopping

No, I am not a big Jag fan either, I just know and respect a car like that. Plus you see Pantera’s, Ferraris, along with killer AMG Mercedes that cost a small fortune in it’s own right. Plus you see a H1 Hummer and think oh that thing is cheap. Heck, no cause that was most likely a 100G truck when whoever owned it bought it. Then abandoned it like all these very dusty dirty cars that again you have to wonder about where they are located? If you park on a road without a curb around me then your car will get towed. So how these high end cars are able to just sit for prolonged time not paying for where they are parked obviously. Makes you wonder at least how they haven’t been stolen 🙄
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