Barn Find 1947 Hot Rod Mercury sitting since 1964

Barn Find 1947 Hot Rod Mercury sitting since 1964

This was found as a Barn Find 1947 Hot Rod Mercury sitting since 1964 as the father that owned it had passed away and it immediately went on Craigslist. Within 15 minutes we saw the add and swept in to scoop this survivor up!

54 plate on 47' Mercury
Last Registered 1964

After arriving at the home to inspect the car that we saw in the Craigslist add we were a bit shocked. We were not shocked by the Lawn Tractor collection either although it was somewhat impressive in it’s own right. Now we like that the Mercury was stored indoors for a large piece of it’s life. We then got to take a peak under the hood to see the Dual Stromberg Carburetors on an aftermarket intake manifold along with custom Headers and a full dual exhaust to go along with the speed parts that had been added.

We then found the original Speed Parts catalog that he used back in the 1950’s to buy the parts that he installed on the car. From what we where told the car was purchased in 1954 from a Ford dealership and we found the receipts in the second video to back it up. Along with a bunch of tickets he had received from the police back in the mid 50’s getting caught hot rodding around on the streets in the wee hours of the morning. We all know we used to do stuff like this at 1 am racing around having fun in back in the day 🙄

He also seems to have installed some form of aftermarket Radio under the dash 😕 Never thought they had things like this that long ago as we also have the original vacuum tube radio out of the car. He then Chromed the dash and heater under the dash back in the 50’s or possibly the early 1960’s as he stopped driving it in 64′ when he parked it in a Barn. It was then moved to this new Barn built in 1974 and there it sat until we picked it up April 28th in 2014. So this car has sat most of it’s life indoors letting it survive reasonably rot free. It does have rust that it must have got as a daily driver back in the 50’s and early 60’s. Makes you wonder how some of these cars live being driven for decades longer than this car out doors 😕

47' Merc Carbs
V8 Merc Strombergs

Car is now for sale with all the original 1950’s parts and patina untouched with all the paperwork to go along with it 🙂

Quick info on the cars sale. It would seem a member of the family from Indianapolis I do believe found out the car was sold out of the family and came all the way to NJ to buy it back. Unsure if it was to be restored or kept as is 😕

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Nosleepatall moderator

@lukeaction  Sorry for getting back to you so late. Are you talking like this for your video of a complete page featuring your video and a right up on the video?


@Nosleepatall @lukeaction  I have a great (recent) barn find and would love to have it featured however possible.  The cars will be for sale soon (they're not mine) and they deserve to find good homes...


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