Internet find Cadillac for Sale in excellent condition

Internet find Cadillac for Sale in excellent condition

So we set out to look at a Craigslist post Internet find Cadillac for Sale in excellent condition. When we got there it was cold and raining as we ran to see this supposed steal of a find 🙁

Rough Caddilac
Grage Find Caddy

When we get to the neighborhood it was rather nice and some interesting cars parked in the back of some of the driveways. Right across the street there was a Porsche 924 sitting next to the house. It looked like it had sat there for a few years but, I had to tell my buyer that it isn’t really worth chasing after.

So we pull into the driveway that matched the address we were told. The buyer knocks on the door and a much older gentleman answers the door. He tells us to go around back and he will be out in a minute. We go around and wait for him to come out. Before he came out he put on a coat and brought his walker( 😕 ) out.

Craigslist Cadillac
Old Inspection Sticker
Anyway he seemed to be around his mid late 70’s in age. He then asked us to open the garage door as it is a bit to heave for him to lift. “No problem” we said as we open it for him. He is then telling us that this was his mothers Cadillac that she had just stopped driving so he was now selling it for her 🙄

Well as he was saying this I was trying to imagine how old his mother must be as he was so old he needed a walker and us to open the garage door. We then get a load of this Cadillac that was low mileage and excellent condition.

Well the very first clue was the old style inspection sticker that this had not been driven for a while. Other than that we took a quick look at it before we told him we had some other cars to look at today and thanks for uh letting us look at your mothers Cadillac 😯

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