Muscle Car Salvage Yard

Muscle Car Salvage Yard

So this Salvage Yard seems a bit weak at the first part of this video as there are quite a few 4 door cars in the yard 🙁

Dodge that needs saving

However as it goes along you wind up seeing some things in this Muscle Car Salvage Yard that are restorable muscle cars along some other neat 50s vehicles sitting around. Sort of like the Ghostbusters ambulance sitting over on the side and something that I can’t tell if it’s an AMX or what it is cause the weeds are too high 🙁

Cold Storage Garage
Dusty Garage

Then on to the pole barn and things get a little bit different and you see a Corvette and some other two-door cars in it’s protection from the weather. Through the pictures you do wind up seeing everything outsides interior is destroyed mostly by the sun as the cars are outside in Texas. Cameramen said he got permission to go through the yard, in the middle of the back there is a Mill that is still in business so you will get caught if you’re caught sneaking around trying to take anything.

Salvage yard in Texas
Salvage yard in Texas

From what the cameraman said in the article most of the vehicles inside are restorable and are very usable so the pole barn did its duty protecting them. However I am seeing a lot that I do not think are going to be worth saving. There were a few trucks outside that were crew cabs and stuff like that I would like to have to so I could make a cool custom out of them. Other than that mostly Mopar muscle seemed to be in the garage aside from the Corvette and a few imports. Not Japanese Imports like now but either Italian or British looking stuff? Hard to tell with all the dust and crap all over them? Gotta wonder if this is a personal collection under the pole barn or what?

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