Haunted Christine Car in the Junk Lot

If there is a Haunted car here which one is it?

You know when you go to a junk yard do you ever think there is a Haunted Christine Car in the Junk Lot? Well I don’t want to find out the Hard Way if this is true or not 🙁

Car in Tow
You Read that Rite

Everything is for sale in this lot including the 440 powered Haunted Christine car of course but, you pay more for some of the cars 👿

Car is available for $16,500 last I checked…rebuilt 440 with no miles

Plymouth Fury
Does Christine Exist?

Christine finally sold and went from New Jersey all the way to California where the new owner LOVES IT…well until he learns of it’s secret 👿

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Is this car still available and if so can you send me some pics and a phone# where I can make contact and discuss the car further.

Thanks Jeff Buckner.



Where is this lot located? I have been searching for a 1958 Plymouth Fury since the movie Christine came out! How much and where is this located?

Jeff Pall


Nosleepatall moderator

@JeffPall Hello, I asked what the present sale price is today but, didn't have internet access to get back. It is $16,500 I do believe and it's located in Central New Jersey at present. It was built back in the lat 80's and the owner then parked it in a  Bubble Cocoon and sat there till a few months ago when the owner realized he was to old to enjoy it and gave it to us to get running and sell it for him.