Abandoned Race Cars of All Types

Not Barn Finds but who cares with what some of these cars are 🙂

These abandoned race cars of all types and kinds are some pretty incredible vehicles! Not only a lot of Gassers but, even more Funny cars sitting around abandoned that I wish I could find.

The first of the rare of rare cars would be the Cobra GT that anyone wishes they could be the lucky one to find laying around in someone barn or warehouse stored away forgotten be time.

Abandoned GT
Dirty Cobra GT

Then someone would have put out a little bit of money for an Indy style car even if it was past it’s point of usefulness 😕

Cart or Indy light
Indy Car in driveway

Then there are plenty of old Henry J gassers left for dead so to speak. However I have seen plenty of these close to me so they actually don’t shock me that much seeing them.

Kaiser Henry J
Old Henry J waiting to be saved

I know or knew of a Falcon Gasser WITH a 427 Cammer still in it :O Yup the guy bought it off of a racer back in the day and still has it with the supercharger on the engine and eveything!

Ford Gasser
Falcon Gasser

Then there was a Super Stock looking Mopar with a the 426 Max Wedge hood on it. Only the car was all in Black so it looked even sicker that this one.

Super Stock drag car
SS Mopar with Max Wedge hood

Only problem was when I asked the car wasn’t set up for pump gas so I had to pass on it 🙁

Then yet another car that I had the chance of getting a ride in. Yeah a Porsche 359 rally model. My Brothers Brother in law actually had one for investment purposes.

Best Porsche yet
Porsche 359

Went to a Christmas party and he told me he sold it because nobody wanted to go for a ride in it 🙁

Then yet another Split window 1963 Corvette that I cannot tell how many can be left in the world with so many laying around like this 😕

Abandoned Corvette
63 Corvette Split

and this is just a few of the race cars found abandoned all over the place!

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