Yet more rare abandoned Muscle Cars

Yet more rare abandoned Muscle Cars

While you may recognize a few of these cars including the Superbirds there are Yet more rare abandoned Muscle Cars and many pictures of them that I have never seen before?

Beyond fixing
Stripped Bird

As I said with the Superbirds you may recognize in a few of the pictures but, there seem to be a few that I have never seen before? I know the stories on 2 of them at least and what the history of the owners were. However there are quite a few more muscle cars of all manufactures all over the place with these pics.

I am quite partial to Mopars as I had my B/RB cars in the past. I wish I had never sold any of them to this day of course but, if we could all have seen into the future the no cars would be worth anything as we would all have one.

Cannot tell
Unknown car

Then there is a collection of Ford products of course with a lot of Mustangs in various states of disrepair. However for once I do believe I would like to have the Blue Boss 302 looking one 🙂 Not a Ford fan as there are just to many different engines and trans combinations as far as I’m concerned making parts hunting that much more of a nightmare 🙄

Then even some AMC’s pop up with them being there own nightmare to find parts for. I have not had an AMC product since the late 1980’s and it was hard enough to get parts for them back then. I cannot imagine it would get any better as time goes on? Oh wait I did have a Kaiser-Jeep in the late 90’s and of course if it wasn’t for EBAY I wouldn’t have found any parts at all 😛

Plymouth Cuda
Cuda needs saving

Anyway there are also a few E-body Mopars that look very ripe for the picking but, unfortunately there are no signs or indications where any of these cars are located 🙁

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