Al Capones Armored V16 Cadillac

Al Capones Armored V16 Cadillac

Bulletproof Caddy Limo
Grille of V16 Caddy

Looking for the history of the other Armored V16 Cadillac I wound up finding yet Al Capones Armored V16 Cadillac with Armor but, this one is a real piece of history 😯

It would seem that in 2009 yet another V16 Armored Cadillac was being put up for auction. However this time it was a confirmed ownership car. Confirmed ownership you think to yourself, owned by who then is the question. Well as the title says it is one of the only known cars that was owned by none other than Al Capone 🙄

So it sold as

Lot 229•

Formerly the property of Al Capone and “The Outfit”—the Chicago Mob,

1930 Cadillac Series 452

V-16 Armored Imperial Sedan

Chassis no. 701617

Engine no. 701617

Sold for US$ 309,500 inc. premium

Biggest Caddy Engine
V16 Cadillac Engine
It was modified to mark it as something truly special. It is a seven-passenger Imperial Sedan by Fleetwood with its doors reinforced with quarter inch steel armor. All of the glass is 5-ply thick laminated. The side windows have round ports cut in them the same as the other later model V16 Cadillac, and the ports are not for ventilation. A police band radio nestles under the dashboard conveniently above the front seat passenger’s feet unlike the other Caddy that had it located in the passenger compartment.

Bulletproof glass
Gun Port

While you may think this car could have belonged to someone who abided by the law, you have to stop and think for a minute. Could anyone really afford a car such as this back in the 1930’s 😕 Then even if a person had the means to afford it would they go as far as to armor it and then put Port Holes in the windows so you could shoot out of it while driving down the roads? Of course you are doing this while you driver is obviously making a quick getaway while you are shooting your Tommy Gun out back 👿

If this car could only talk….

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karl knudson
karl knudson

if it could talk it would be dead ,thats the way al handled ratas, maybe if people took it more serious these days ,people would keep there pie hole shut .the stupid thing about rating out some one is that if you tell on someone because you got pinched ,you just told on yourself because you didnt say anything until  you were in trouble trying to weasle out of it,so your guilty of being knowing of the thing you told about ,stupid ass!