Barn Find Nation Craigslist, eBay, YouTube or things found by anyone

Barn Find Nation is about

Barn Find Nation Craigslist, eBay, YouTube or things found by anyone and is basically about what the title says for the most part. Yes about Barn Finds, Craigslist, eBay, YouTube and things that everyone wishes they had been the one to find that rare and valuable Shelby Mustang, Superbird or SS.

47 Merc Barn Find
Sitting since 1964

Barn Find Nation makes you wonder how people are able to park and walk away from vehicles that can be worth more than the house that they live in these days 😯

Found on Craigslist
Rusty but still worth it

I personally am always on the lookout for old and abandoned Muscle Cars and or trucks as I live in a somewhat Farm and Barn dotted location. Unfortunately, most of the Farms have gone under and pickings are slim so I have to rely on all the other people,, out there finding other abandoned cars and projects as I can’t find them all on my own anymore.

Non US Motorcycle
Rare Triumph survivor
I even work with a used car dealership that finds some rare Barn Find New Yorkers, Impala’s, Thunderbirds and even a Henney Kilowatt 😯 The Henney Kilowatt is one of 5 left in the world Wiki on Henney Killowatt of what was supposed to be the best Electric Car in the late 50’s to ’61 what it went out of business after making around 60 or 70 cars altogether. So I this way I do not have to travel all over looking for cars when they come into the dealership!
I Barn Find Nation have also been invited to a Podcast Power and Speed that is posted on my page. We have 3 people on the board including me with one being a salesman for Manley Performance that brings in some great guests from all over not only the country but, the world!
We now have a pretty good fan base in Australia even do to the Car Crazy people that are down under!
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