092 – Power and Speed – Fudd returns (again)

Mike, Alan (AKA Fuddly), and Tad in studio.

Tom is away again, and Alan sopped by to take his place. We mess with him constantly but he’s a good sport.

Fudd and Drag Week

There was no real plan for tonight’s show, but it worked out ok overall.

Drag week spare parts and issues people encounter comes up, and you can tell Mike is scheming away already. There are two different mindsets on how to do this. Mike wants to show up race and drive home. Alan wants to bring everything that has ever broken on a car in the last five decades. Mike rationalizes what he needs to make this successful out of the box.

Then the subject of rules comes up….

Engine builders tend to think about things a little differently. They don’t look at rules as a set of stuff you can and can’t do. They look at rules for what holes the rules did not specifically close up. Mike knows the idea of the rules, but like to poke at them.

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