094- Power and Speed – Paul Yaw of Injector Dynamics

Mike, Tom, and Tad in studio.

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Paul Yaw ID Fuel Injectors

The guest tonight had been requested over and over again by lots of listeners, and we were all really looking forward to this show.

Paul Yaw of Injector Dynamics!

The subject of injectors is often discussed, and aside from size, seldom discussed in detail.  If you think about all the different aspects of injectors for just a split second you can start to appreciate how complex they are.  What is the best placement?  How important is spray pattern and atomization?  What is the best fuel pressure for a given injector?  All great questions and a chunk of them get explained on this one.  Paul is an extremely knowledgeable guy and full of great info.  We will be sure to have him back sooner rather than later.  if you are a fuel injection guy, you should listen to this one.

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