096 – Power and Speed – Wild Bill Devine of Bullseye Turbochargers

Mike, Tom, and Tad in studio.

Another week, and more research.  This really is the most important part of building a car, the planning process.  Mike has been obsessed with learning every aspect of this and he is non stop both on and off the air.  Just ask Tom, he ignores him all day.

Bill Devine on this Episode

Now no one could ever say cars don’t go fast without turbochargers.  There are plenty of very fast cars out there running around without them and turbos are by no means a requirement for going fast.  BUT, if you are trying to make something that can essentially go from mild to wild, you can’t go wrong with turbocharging.

Wild Bill Devine of Bullseye Turbo Charging is tonights guest.  Bill has been in this game a long time, and there is really no need to go over the history of his racing involvement.  Bill sets Mike straight on expectations, sizing, and behavior he can expect from properly sized and specd turbos.  Ball bearing, inducer/impeller size, compressor housing, and exhaust turbine all play into getting the right units for the job.  Listen in as the guys hash through this with Bill, he’s always a great guest and he is welcome back on whenever he wants.

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