097 – Power and Speed – Jason Harding of Katech

Mike, Tom, and Tad in studio.

This has to be said right up front, Mike has a toothache and is in pretty bad shape.  Hopefully he get it fixed up at the creepy dentist tomorrow.

As they say, the show must go on!

Katech Corvette
Jason Harding of Katech

A caller by the name of Shawn calls in.  Looking for a valve train tech, and boy that is a subject.  When it comes to valve train it’s all about stability.  People end up building on knowledge over the years, and can’t replace practical experience and testing.  The guys will steer him right over Facebook.

Speaking of testing and knowledge, Jason Harding from Katech joins the guys tonight.

Mike framed this well in the beginning of the show, if you don’t know who Katech is you need to do a little research.  Katech has been around the track just a few times, and by around the track we mean multiple wins in the 24 hours of Dayton, 24 hours of Le Mans, and just about every other form road racing event on the planet.  Yes, Mike is a major fan, and you should be too.  Jason discusses where they are now, and what they can do for the average guy looking for the right stuff.  Think about this for a second, this is a racing outfit that builds the power to run full on for 24 hours!

We think the best way to say this is, you can’t get more serious than Katech.

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