098 – Power and Speed – Scott Clark and Chris Bishir – Drag Week

Mike, Tom, Tad, and in studio Scott Clark

were all looking forward to this all week.  Drag Week registration opened, and we are in.  Talk about nice timing, Scott Clark ran his tuning school this past weekend at Fonse Performance and was able stop by the studio the night we record.  This whole Drag Week thing has everyone wound up.  Tom says we are winning, Mike wants to win, Scott says good luck with that!  It’s not as easy thing to do, and things that should not break do and just when you don’t need them to.  One aspect of these types of cars that cannot be stressed enough is tuning.  Scott goes over some of the class events, the car they tuned, and the problems they had.  If there is one near you we suggest you go check it out.  He goes over the upcoming events so it’s easy to make the time now.

Drag Week Discussion
Scott Clark and Drag Week

Speaking of winning, multi time winner of the 8.50 class Chris Bishir of Team 260 (two six oh) calls in to continue our Drag Week discussions.  Chris has done Drag Week more than a few times, and he’s the man to beat.  He has this down, and nothing replaces experience.  Everyone is gunning for him including Jason Doisher who called in from Anything Automotive.  He’s another Drag Week veteran, and even give his prediction on who finishes where.  There is some great discussion here on the whole “game” of Drag Week.

One thing we want everyone to pay attention to is Chris’s discussion of the events they are promoting.  This type of event is exactly what this sport needs.  Pay attention to the details on this, and if you are close, show up.

Fireman Jeff with the wonky rods stops by as well.  He’s got himself a nice new rotating assembly.  He had a “mishap” and I know he wants this one right for the long haul.  His Chevy SS will be back on the road soon.

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