127 – Power and Speed – Eric Brooks of HP Tuners

Mike and Tom in studio.

Tad broke a ball joint and is sitting on the side of the road

(we had to tell you or you might not have noticed)

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Eric Brooks of HP Tuners

We have to apologize ahead of time to Eric Brooks and our fans.  We were in a bad position after having missed two weeks.  We had a SEMA delay, an issue with the internet service being messed up, and now almost a third straight week of no show.

Mike got called into a surprise budget meeting he could not miss.  That messed up our time, our prep, and the time we could devote to Eric.

Eric is a stand-up guy and moved stuff around just to be on at our earlier time.  We will FOR SURE have Eric on to get more into HP Tuners and get much deeper into Ford programming in the very near future.

Live again next week Monday night at 7:00 PM EST on Mixlr.com.  Call in number 908 751 0211.  Live callers welcome, and this will be the line for giveaways.

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I “Tad” will hopefully not have any FOMOCO issues next coming Monday so I can get to the show? I will, of course, get jumped on for whatever reason that Mike and Tom feel fit and basically not give a crap.

I should be working on my spare truck for the most part but, it happened to rain today and get cold in like a half an hour. Then I have to go to see a surgeon the next day so that will be stopping me from fixing the truck that day too.

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