1941 Ford COE Fire Truck long chased

My other COE. The one I am NOT selling.

So this 1941 Ford COE Fire Truck long chased until it was finally caught as explained in the captured text below. Pretty lucky he kept on it I have to say!

Sitting Rescued
Sitting Rescued

1941 Ford COE City Service Ladder Truck.

This truck was retired from the Newberg Fire Dept, where I live, the year I graduated from Newberg High School. 1976. It was Newberg’s 5th motorized fire apparatus. Firemen actually rode on the side running boards to the fires! 
She has a 150 gallon tank, and a small gear drive PTO pump.

Long Truck
Long Truck

I followed it’s location for years. Finally it was left abandoned behind a pizza parlor in The Dalles OR. I tried to buy it for several years with no luck. There was always some reason it could not be sold.

He started calling on it more often. Then one day I called and the guy said it had been sold but not paid for yet. Department said the first person to get the money to him would be the new owner. I hung up the phone and jumped in my pickup and headed to The Dalles, from Newberg, and bought her for my own!

NFD #5 has 4,700 original miles. I’ve got it running and driving. 90hp Flathead V-8. Including the ladders that stick out the back, she is a little under 30′ long. I drive her about 2 miles to the Newberg Classic Fire Apparatus show held during the Newberg Old Fashion Festival in July.
She has been stored indoors since. Hope to restore her someday!

Indoor Storage
Indoor Storage
Now I would not have got that lucky trying to buy that. Most likely because I would either not be in the right place at the right time or I just wouldn’t have the money 🙁
Anyway, you want to look at it he got a killer score picking this up with such low mileage on it. Must be unbearably slow with an old Flathead Ford powering it but, it’s still cool to have!
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