1954 American LaFrance Fire Truck Craigslist Find

At first I was like Cool…CL 54 American LeFrance

So at first I was like awesome a 1954 American LaFrance Fire Truck Craigslist Find! Then I hit the Craigslist link to get a look at the $200 1954 American LaFrance Fire Truck and got an idea why it was $200.

If I saw this I would definitely be interested with the $200 price tag until I saw the rest
At first it seems like a find

At first you would think that they cant sell it that cheap cause a scrapper will pick it up for a quick couple of bucks. Yeah that would be my first thought at least.

A bit better view of the '54 American LeFrance Fore truck found on Craigslist
Slightly better side view
Slightly better side view

Well even though it was been stripped of anything that makes it a fire truck for the most part, there is still enough there to make it worth more than $200 in scrap weight from the looks of it?

Almost nothing left of this 1954 American LeFrance except for the cab
Ah so thats why it’s so cheap
The Yard Art recommendation is kind of doable I guess? By me people buy them to use for towing their large Boats down to the shore even though you need a rather large spot to park it at seeing that you will not be using it for anything other than towing.
I tried to find out more about this chassis like what kind of engine it would be using but, all I was able to find out really that it was an cab before engine unit that could be ordered in various configurations. I was mainly curious on the engine that it was using. Gas or Diesel and who made the engine?

I know that American LeFrance made V12 Flathead engines back in the day. They operated as 2 Six Cylinder banks with separate carbs and distributors. No real clue unless anyone knows what kind of engine this unit would use?

I could see making your own bed of some sorts for this chassis. I see one out in PA too that is a much squarer or later model style that someone is using for who knows what. It was for sale too but, I didn’t bother stopping to get any pictures 🙁

With what left of this 1954 American LeFrance Craigslist Find
Yard Art is about all thats left
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