1956 Dodge Coe $3300 Craigslist

Hemi Cab Over!

Awesome 1956 Dodge Coe $3300 Craigslist find because the owner has to many projects on his hands! This would make a killer rod as far as I’m concerned.

Front COE
See this in your rear view

This is what the Craigslist add quotes,
1956 Dodge Coe Has factory Hemi motor, it is loose, I have not tried to start it. Two speed rear end , needs glass, has some rust, but is easily repaired. This would be super cool cleaned up, I’ve got to many other projects, that’s why I’m selling. Call or text.

COE Dodge
Cool cab

So if I was able to get this Dodge the first thing I would do is shorten the fame. Yeah I know most would be get the engine running or go do some bodywork on the Cab Over Engine body. Me not so much as the body would most likely be left as it is for me.

Long frame
Rusty COE
Cab Back
Not that I don’t like restored vehicles but, I don’t see this COE cab with glossy paint. Not that big a Rat Rod fan either, I just see this cruising with the COE pretty much in an as found state. Sure the frame would be cut shorter as it would make it easier to drive around at shows and events.
Wire frame seat cushion
Needs interior work
On the other hand if it was left with the long chassis then a flat bed could be put on it and you could put a car up there. Something like an old sprint car with an Offenhouser engine or something like that?
Not to rusty
Minimal Rot
You wouldn’t want to put to heavy a car on the bed as it is not the most powerful engine to be pulling that much weight. If it was going to be used more for transporting a show or race car I would most likely swap in a 6bt Cummins engine. Then I would throw some stacks on it but, the Hemi is a key piece for this Cab Over Dodge 🙂
Hemi engine
The Hemi
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