1956 GMC V-8 Hydramatic 4X4 Truck Find

1956 GMC V-8 Hydramatic 4X4 Truck Find

V8 4x4 Hydramatic
V8 4×4 Hydramatic

Talk about a rare optioned truck but, this isn’t just a pick-up. No this is a 2 and a half ton 4×4 stake bed that just gets better with an even more rare option 😕

Now for the big deal option that is pretty much a standard on every vehicle these days. It is an automatic transmission 😯

Yes you think to yourself “Yeah it’s an Auto, whats the big deal”? Well the automatic transmission back in the late 50’s was a new fangled thing for the most part. Normally only available to somewhat higher end cars and not really a truck option.

1956 GMC Dash
1956 GMC Dash

Now you may be thinking Powerglide as the old automatic trans but, no that really wasn’t the deal either. Way back when the Hydramatic transmission was the deal and it was a bit of a mystery to most people and mechanics. Anyway it gets even better with this trucks options as who ever ordered it also checked off the 4 wheel drive option box 😕

So yes this is an automatic transmission along with the 4×4 option on a 2 and a half ton GMC truck of all things but it gets better as things go along. It is a V8 engine as the automatic could not be ordered with the straight 6 engine. That and I would not even want a straight six with a 2 and a half ton truck in the first place.

When he pops the hood for you to see the engine it sure is not a small block chevy either 😕

No believe it or not back in the mid 1950’s the engine used by GMC was a Pontiac of all things 😯 In 1956 they used a 316-cubic-inch (5.2 L) engine based on a Pontiac. Very odd but, this was larger than anything Chevrolet had at the times so bigger is better for a vehicle like this.
1956 GMC V8
1956 GMC V8

He winds up going more into the rare details that where ordered with this truck if you didn’t think this was all of it.

Heck I love the bumper on this thing and almost want to look for one myself now 🙂

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