1966 Chevy Pick Up Barn Find

20 years in Barn storage find 🙂

Storage yard
As we found it

This 1966 Chevy Pick Up Barn Find was a perfect next vehicle after we sold the 1941 AK Chevrolet Pick Up at Hershey last week. Another straight six that runs great and is a real solid find!

Chevrolet Pick Up
Barn Find Home

Aside from this being a real decent find it even comes with replacement body parts in the interior to replace the rusty door sills. Pretty sweet when the car you just bought comes with the parts to fix it. OK it would be better if the rust was already fixed of course but, then it wouldn’t be a Barn Find now would it.

Chevy Truck
Towed Home

So seeing as this wasn’t a restored find it was a real good find period. For one when we went to inspect it the thing started right up. Yes it is just a straight six but, not everyone wants a V8. That and this engine started up with no smoke or any knocks what so ever. Big plus on that end of the deal.

Step Side Bed View
Bed Side View

It has some dents as any truck is going to have especially one of this age. Rust wise it is not cancer free at all but, the major cab rust comes with the door sills to replace it. Only main problems that I could see off the bat are the front fenders near the doors. They are fairly far gone with patch panels being the first thought to repair them? If you could find fenders that would be a easy fix but, what are the chances of finding decent 1962 Chevy Pick Up fenders these days?

Steel still good to
Wood Bed

That and a small amount of floor work over in the passenger kick panel would be nice too. So then the decision to replace the bed is up to the next owner as it is pretty solid otherwise. Yeah the wood is a bit rotted near the cab but, even the steel is pretty good so should it be kept as is or replaced is up to whoever owns this next 😕

Solid Truck Bed
Passenger Step Side
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