1966 Ford Galaxie 500 XL Starts after 30 years

1966 Ford Galaxie 500 XL Starts after 30 years

This 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 XL Starts after 30 years and that is almost quite a shock to me as the car wasn’t set up for long-term outdoor storage.

Well it was sort of as the owner did put a chain under the hood to keep anyone from stealing any parts off of the all original 428 engine. Now this engine is a bit of a rarity in a Galaxie 500XL along with a 4 speed setup. It would seem that it was purchased from an 83 year old man who had bought it brand new in ’66. Then parked it outside for some reason even though it was a fully functional vehicle at the time 😕

Ford Big Block
428 4 Speed

So when he parked it in 1979 it was all original all the way down to the air cleaner and headlights. When they installed a fresh battery all the lights worked including the console and dome lights 🙂 The interior is actually ratty considering how long ago it was parked. I am talking about the seat covers. If it was parked in the 80’s I would expect that but not having been parked while it was still fairly young.

Now onto the original engine compartment and being started after 30 some odd years of being parked outside to kill the paint on the roof and fenders. The way they chose to start it is how we just started a 389 that we had sitting for approximately the same amount of time. Difference being we had the engine pulled out of a car and installed it as a replacement for a seized 389. Difference being we didn’t bother putting seafoam down the cylinders. Either way, the one guy seemed a bit excited over the carburetor for some reason as you know it is going to have to be rebuilt.

Not sure on the value of this car even as an all original 4-speed vehicle. To a Ford lover it most likely has some pull but to me, it is something I would probably take out and smoke the tires off of it and take to a cruise night. Then maybe sell it to a collector as I sure as heck wouldn’t restore it, I’m too lazy for that 😛
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