1967 Chevrolet C-50 Dump Truck 4X4 pickup conversion Craigslist

Not all to bad

This 1967 Chevrolet C-50 Dump Truck 4X4 pickup conversion Craigslist find doesn’t seem all that bad to me actually

Dump conversion
Pass View

So right here on Craigslist is the 1967 C-50 Chevrolet C-50 Dump truck converted into a extra long bed pick up truck.

Dump to pick up
Good looking from rear

He is slightly vague on the details on this project he never really did anything with. Here is what is listed on the Add-
“1967 Chevrolet C-50 Dump Truck to 4X4 pickup conversion. Dump truck converted to a pickup. Has a 8′ C-10 box with a 3′ extension. 296 inline 6 engine. Good 8.25 – 20 tires. Military grade 4wd system. Tail lights need to be wired. Still has the truck rear end so 55mph is top speed. 7’8″ to the top of the cab. 5’8″ to the top of the box. It does run and drive. Bought this for a project a couple years ago. Never did anything to it. Baby on the way, decided to sell. I don’t know much more about it since I didn’t dig into it. Not interested in trades or help selling this vehicle.”

Tail gate
Rear shot
Straight 6
Straight 6
I really like this truck except for the a few details. 1st being powered by a straight six 🙁 Not really what I would want to be powering something of this size really. Even a Small Block would be pushing it as far as I am concerned but, maybe I am just power hungry?
Then the Bed Floor is non existent along with it having 2 fronts so to speak. Guess it is going to need a lot more finishing than would have been thought? For the price it is not all that bad even though it’s a bit sketchy on the details of if the 4×4 actually works or not?

Good starting point because if you were to buy a new version of anything like this it would more than likely be the price of a small house!

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