1972 AC Chevelle Barn Find

One of my favorite Chevelles up for sale!

So this 1972 AC Chevelle Barn Find looks like it could be an excellent summer cruiser when you restore it for the next season. The main question would be if you want to put a Big Block or a LS1 in it?

1971 Chevelle Center Console AC barn Find front end shot
Front end view
1971 Chevelle Center Console AC barn Find fender rot
Bit of Fender Rot

My first car I had registered to my name was a 1971 Big Block 4 speed Chevelle Super Sport. Not exactly the car you would want as a teenagers first car with the way the police are going to be hunting you down for anything you do wrong!

1971 Chevelle Center Console AC barn Find with some back quarter rot, is this available aftermarket?

It is said to be a somewhat solid in the floors and rocker with no engine or trans at the moment of sale. It is an Air Conditioned car which would be a nice thing to have in your summer cruising Hot Rod as far as I’m concerned. Even though I have a spare 502 Big Block with Accel SuperRam on it waiting to do something I might like to put an LS1 in it instead?

Upon closer look it does have the issues you would see on any older Chevelle with the Quarter panels. That and the front lower fenders either needing to be patched or just replaced. If you cannot do your own body work it would most likely be easier to just order some new repop front fenders for the car.
1971 Chevelle Center Console AC barn Find Drivers side view of fairly solid car
Reasonably solid
1971 Chevelle Center Console AC barn Find rear quarter rot as usual
Easy Aftermarket
The Quarter panels are reasonably easy to replace and available but, the rear corners could pose a bit of a challenge? That is unless someone is remaking them too making it a fairly easy replacement.
1971 Chevelle Center Console AC barn Find passenger side view showing it's restorable
Pass side view
1971 Chevelle Center Console AC barn Find originally was a soft top car
Was a soft top
It is also a Center Console car making it a Bucket Seat car too! One of my favorite things about my old Big Block Chevelle. The Air Conditioning will more than likely have to be refurbished but, at least you have all the factory vents in the dashboard. Then I would like to get a Vintage Air unit or one of the more modern units that actually has Climate Control instead or having to play with the controls all the time to get the temp right..Windshield post
So if you find this car interesting it is located in Dunn North Carolina for $1700 obo 252-565-2212 being the number to call for more details.
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