1979 Mercury 4 Door Ranchero

Yes you read it right

Custom 1979 Mercury 4 Door Ranchero made out of a Mercury Hearse of all things! I like the finished product for the most part too.

Custom Mercury
1979 Mercury 4 door Ranchero

So as you can seen from the Craigslist add writing it is uh, well interesting to say the least?

-“Call between 7 am and 7Pm show contact info to make apt. to see 1979 Mercury. The car started it’s life as a hearst and is now a four door Ranchero type pick up .Full power manifold 351 Windsor engine Edelbrock manifold and carb electronic ignition. VERY FAST! Odometer just turned 70K miles. New Radial white walls and both interior and exterior are in excellent condition.

Will consider suitable trade.”

The full power manifold engine kind of scares me a little bit when reading the Craigslist add itself. Or the calling it a Hearst but, hey whoever built it did what looks like could be a decent job?

Hearse inside
Interior Shot
If I had the money to burn and it was a bit closer I would pick it up in a second. Put a quad in back to take to the mud pits or track so I could have the coolest to rig no matter what anyone else brought there quad there with 🙂

Now if I really had the time and money I would go the one step further and do a 4×4 conversation to it. That would make it kind of like the ultimate conversion Hearse or Mercury as the case may be?
Custom Hearse
Favorite View
Of course then I would be dumb enough to try to take it through a Mud Pit and get it stuck. Then of course bend the frame while being towed out by some F350 or something like that pretty much destroying it where it would wind up sitting in my yard for a few years. Then wind up in the local scrap yard where someone would most likely buy and try to restore it or some BS like that 🙁
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