3000 Foot Pounds of Torque

Yeah 3000

3000 Foot Pounds of Torque is what this 120 Horsepower Rumely steam tractor made on a Prony Brake between 0 and 250 RPM!

Steam Power
120 HP Rumely

I always knew Torque is what Horsepower is derived from. That and no matter how many times you argue with some people they still think Horsepower is more important.

You have to explain to them the mathematical equation of how Horsepower is deduced from a Torque. Instead of me trying to explain the entire HP vs Torque argument you can read it here Torque vs Horsepower This was so there will be no arguments that I posted something wrong.

Chevy Engine
High Output SBC
So even though some people, or Kids as we call them as most drive Honda’s these days believe Horsepower rules. We know that Torque is king so to speak. Without Torque you have nothing to base your equation off of. Anyway aside from all that this Rumely Steam Tractor has an extreme Torque output from boiling water for the most part.
Now think about how much Torque this tractor is making, then question yourself as to how much Torque a Rail Road Steam Engine must have made? Then think about one of the articulated Steam Engines must have made? 6,290 hp @ 35 mph is the rating on a Union Pacific Big Boy but, that still does not give us a Torque value 🙁 I do believe I can figure it out later because I am to tired to do the math right now. Anyway you want to look at it these engines have the power to move mountains.
Union Pacific
UP Big Boy

Actually speaking of moving mountains I know of a Steam Shovel that was manufactured by Bucyrus not to far from me that I have to go get some video footage of. Once again Torque is what gets the job done as Horsepower is just a mathematical output of Torque.
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