34 Ford Barn Find fires up

Barn Find 34 3 Window Ford coupe found and fires up for the first time!

As I posted about this 34 Ford Barn Find fires up after a long time in storage. Although they don’t state how long this car sat in storage so it is a bit hard to tell 😕

1st start in years
Firing up Flathead

At least the 1947 Mercury that we personally found and rescued had paperwork backing up that it had been sitting since 1964 in it’s Barn when we recused it. That and I fully documented it’s rescue by video taping it leaving the barn that it had sat in for decades.Thats neither here nor there with this Barn Find car as they leave quite a few details out about it.

On the other hand it is quite a find with how solid it looks. However again it leaves a lot of details left out about how long the car sat or what the other details are? The fact that it actually fires up is a nice piece of information however I am not seeing you being able to drive this car in the condition it is it at this point in time.

Solid Barn Find
Solid looking 34

That and with how the interior looks along with the roof being nonexistent it doesn’t seem to be even a car cruise vehicle 🙁 It comes down to the same thing as the Mercury we found. The Merc has 40 some thousand original miles on it and has complete documentation proving it’s history.

Front end is bent
A bit rough
Now you have to get to the point of if you were to buy this car. What would you do with it when you got it. Like our ’47 Merc you cannot drive it as is but, if you restore it you wreck part of what made the car so special in the first place 😕 I mean how special is a restored 34 Ford or 47 Mercury as opposed to an original car with a history even though you cannot use it?

Puts you between a Rock and a Hard Place trying to decide what to do with your find 🙄

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