4 Brl 4 Speed 4 Cylinder 63 Lemans

Not a barn find but wow

Rare Pontiac
4 barrel 4 cylinder 4 speed

This 4 Brl 4 Speed 4 Cylinder 63 Lemans is a Pontiac I really wouldn’t mind finding myself. Yeah it’s not fast or anything like that but, think about it when you show up and people want you to pop the hood and see whats making the noise out of the dual exhaust 😕

63 Pontiac Lemans
Dog Dish Caps

So again it’s not a barn find that we know of. However how the thing survived in this condition with 85,000 original miles is beyond me. that and who ordered it in this fashion is also amazing.
Think about how someone would order a LeMans but with a four speed 4 barrel along with four-cylinder for some reason. then on top of this odd collection of driveline they would also order a dual exhaust with a four-cylinder. It even has a spot lit manifold for the dual exhaust off the four-cylinder. It just makes you wonder how many of these were ever ordered and still survive today.

1963 Pontiac Lemans
As rare as it gets

I have seen Christian manifolds sell for well over $1000 and once it were over $10,000. So would anybody pay a lot of money for the manifold from a four-cylinder Pontiac engine? I mean this has to be rarer than rare but does that make it worth that much money? In a way I would tend to think so.

1963 Pontiac Lemans
Clean Interior for Miles

Aside from how rare the drivetrain is on the score the interior is in excellent shape for the year and mileage. A red on red interior car with no rips or tears in the interior seat or rugs is rare to matter how you look at it. Much less an oddball car such as this that you would think would just be passed on to somebody and beaten up on by a kid.

1963 Pontiac Lemans
Dual Exhaust!

And then the car would be found in the barn would be my thoughts. Not at an auction like this.

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