426 Hemi Mustang Swap Barn Find

Yeah someone had to do it I guess?

This well patina Mustang Fast Back no longer seems to be powered by anything that Ford had in mind. Yes, it’s a Hemi but, not a Boss. Far from it as someone had access to a Mopar Hemi to swap in!

Mustang Quarter
Classic Lines from this view

Now looking at the general condition of the car one would really have to think about how it got this way?

426 swap
Close view

Did someone just happen to have a 426 laying around and then tripped on a Mustang that had blown its engine? You know they really weren’t building the car as a street cruiser that is for sure. However, the 426n does look rather stock so it makes you wonder again what the builder’s intentions may have been?

Hemi Stang in yard
Not to pretty looking
So what is anyone’s thoughts as to why you would swap a Chrysler 426 Hemi into a car like a Mustang that has a small engine compartment in the first place? The car really doesn’t look like it was set up for Drag racing besides that fact that it has an engine that is famous for Drag racing swapped into it?
So really, what would bring someone to swap a Mopar engine into a Mustang GT? Not exactly an easy swap, that and both the car and the engine on their own are worth more money than they are combined!

So unless it was swapped by someone with a name for customizing I would be more in favor of plucking the Hemi out of it and looking for an original engine for the Mustang? Well, that is unless it was a straight six Mustang in the first place? Then you would want to make it a clone GT car or something to make it worth something?

Hemi sitting in the wrong bay
Tight Fit no matter what

Sell the 426 Hemi off to someone especially if the block is dated on a good year that someone is looking for to replace a blown engine possibly?

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