440 GTX numbers matching low mile 1 owner just found

Super find 1 owner numbers matching 440 GTX that was sitting in a cocoon storage for 8 years 😀

Not only was this 440 GTX numbers matching low mile 1 owner just found however the one owner vehicle has had the engine rebuilt and allegedly makes over 700 Horsepower 😕

Modified RB
700 Horsepower

So on the first viewing of the car it looks very solid. Still has the original paint and even is an Air Conditioned car even though it is obviously not functioning with the lines being in the trunk. For some reason the base to the back seat is also missing and the owners did not remember why on Earth they took it out or where it is 🙁

AC lines in Trunk
Original Poly Glass Spare

Also I am not claiming to be a RB or any Big Block Mopar expert but, I have rebuilt a 440 for my 1971 Challenger back in the day. So I am no newbie to 440’s and I can tell you this is not going to be making anywhere near 700 Horses with those Iron Heads or the Holley Fuel pump trying to push fuel threw a 3/8’s fuel line either 🙄

It’s cool that it is a Center Console car with bucket seats but, it kills me that it is not a Tachometer car either? Yes it has an aftermarket tach hanging under the dash but, you would think a 440 GTX would have a Tach in the dash. My R/T Challenger had one at least even if it was on the slow side. I had a Monster Tach in the car too and the factory Tachometer lagged quite a bit behind the aftermarket racing Tach.

This isn’t one of my favorite of the Mopar family cars as it is a bit on the large side. However the car looked a bit familiar to me for some reason? I then noticed that it has a 1985/86 Somerville High School parking lot sticker in the back window. This being my High School that I graduated from in 1987 so that means I very well could be remembering it from my High School parking lot all those years ago?
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