440 GTX wakes after long rest

This GTX was put to sleep well over 25 years ago.

So now that this 440 GTX wakes after long rest, it gets to stretch it’s legs trying to find a new owner! Of course not many people these days understand what the meaning of torque is anymore 🙁

Plymouth with old gas
Stale gas burnout

This GTX was purchased new decades ago by it’s owner. He ordered this car loaded with a 440 and it even has Air Conditioning of all things in a Muscle Car like this.

Plymouth GTX 440
Hamburgers 440

The owner then took the car to Hamburgers if that rings a bell with any Mopar fans our there 😕 Well he said build up an engine for this GTX and make it sick. It was then driven around for a while before it was parked away in a cocoon and stored since the late 80’s it would seem. Then the owner also had a Christine Fury built to mach up his Mopar collection.

Fury and GTX for sale
Both 440 Powered

Then after many years of both cars being in storage and with him being later in life he decides to sell them so someone else can enjoy them as it’s kind of past his prime. So both cars are trailered to this shop to get running again and be put on the market. Both cars needed some work with the fuel pumps having gone bad from sitting all those years.

Found the vids I had of Christine before she gets put back into storage and disappears yet again 🙁

New Plugs and a general tune up even though the gas in the tanks is still quite stale 🙁

Plymouth GTX 440 Survivor
Hambergers 440 Tune Up

Then one guy that came down to get a test drive in both cars was from someplace in Europe looking to take these cars home to resell them. He loved them but, the price was $16,500 for either car at the time and he could not fit that in with shipping and taxes to get them home.

Since then the cars have come down in price but, they are out of time as space is needed and the cars will most likely wind up back in starage if nobody comes up with some cash to add them to their own collections…

Mopar collection
Both 440 powered cars
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