60’s Dodge on Cragar Rims still a Daily Driver!

Not a usual Walmart lot car

So this 60’s Dodge on Cragar Rims still a Daily Driver! Just happened to go to a Walmart on Sunday and while looking for a parking spot saw this with non-QQ plates in the lot.

Mopar at Wally World
DD Driver

I did not notice any V8 flags off hand but, the interior was quite nice with a center console! That and oviously Bucket Seats.

So being an older Mopar of this size it could have had a 383 B block powering it? Not really thinking this was going to be an A block car for the most part.

Of course, this is only a guess on my part. Could have been a slant six for all I know? Those engines never die so it could be under the hood. Although I cannot see driving something like this all those years and having Hot Rod rims like the Cragars on it?

Back of Dodge
This 1/4 is good

Rust wise like every old Mopar, it has plenty of it. From the top of the driver side fender where there is a bit more than just a hole. Then on the lower panel by the door, you would most likely want to look for another fender rather than put the time into repairing this one.
The quarters looked OK until you looked at the passenger side over the tire. Quite a bit of rust there as usual. Then you see the Passenger side front fender has issues too. So this has all your usual Mopar/Dodge rust. I was not about to get down on the ground to look under the car to see how the floors are rust wise but, then again I was not buying it. Otherwise, I would definitely have inspected the underside for any more rust.

Just love to see an older Dodge out there with old Steel license plates on it still being driven!

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