62 Impala Convertible Rescue

A 20 year storage find to sit again

This 62 Impala Convertible Rescue has a bit of a history as it was rescued from sitting in storage for years upon years. Then it sat yet again in another storage until now.

Convertible Impala
At Shop for fix

As can be seen, as it is removed from it’s last storage at least it was stored indoors with a bunch of other rare and solid collectible cars. It is a very solid car except for a few spots in the front fender. That would be understandable for such an old car that has had who knows what kind of history?

Impala starting
First Start in Years

It was then pulled out and put on a trailer to take to the shop to get a quick fix up to make it drivable and ready for a buyer at some point.

It get buffed out without disturbing whats left of the original paint that is left on the car to keep that original patina.

Still sitting is siting and the old fuel obviously did some harm to the Carburetor as even with fresh fuel and starting fluid it just didn’t want to run. So the carb was removed and rebuilt by the shop expert on them. So a new fuel pump was added before the Carb was rebuilt just to make sure that was not the problem in the first place.

The car had already received a new fuel tank before it was placed in storage for the second time so that was not a problem. The plugs were removed and replaced along with the distributer being checked before the Carburetor was rebuilt on this 283 engine.

Finally, the car was started after the carb rebuild, plugs and distributor maintenance only to have it run a bit rough. So the bleeders had to be adjusted to get to run smoothly finally.

Not bad considering how long this car has sat around neglected 🙂

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