’66 Pontiac Lemans Convertible Rescue

Tell me this Pontiac didn’t sit for years!

This ’66 Pontiac Lemans Convertible Rescue was a tough one to get out and loaded on the trailer. However from this video anyone should be able to figure that out.

1966 Pontiac Convertible

As I said this ’66 Pontiac Lemans Convertible Rescue was a secondary car too. The buyer had come to buy another 1966 Lemans Convertible but, that one had a running V8 in it. However it was much rougher than this one believe it or not?

Long term storage
Pontiac seeing daylight

So when the buyer was shown the original car he asked if they had anymore Pontiac cars for sale. Of course the answer was yes and there was another one just like this one he came to see. Just not a running V8 like the advertised one that he came to see.

Skid Marks
Seized Brakes will do

Anyway he was taken to the back garage to see another Pontiac Convertible that had been sitting for quite a few years. It should be quite obvious how long this car was parked as all 4 wheels had locked up solid from rust buildup in the drums. Leading to the car needing to be dragged out with a wrecker.

Pontiac rescue
Dragged onto street

Luckily the shop was used to the easy way of un-siezing rusted drum brakes. A nice big sledge hammer for the most part unlocks em. Of course doing this in traffic makes things a bit difficult for the most part.

Rusted Brake Drums
Easy way to free brakes

Then the buyer didn’t really had a good way of pulling the car onto he trailer as he thought he was coming to pick up a running Pontiac. Not a engineless car that had not moved for a decade. So it was instead decided since everything was in line to just lift the back of the Convertible up and back it onto the trailer.

From the looks of thing it worked rather well and the new owner was quite happy for the amount of work we put into loading the car for him 🙂
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