Abandoned Cars I would love to own

As usual cars that in some way have been forgotten to time.

How can Abandoned Cars I would love to own be found by others and not me. It’s not like I have enough projects to spread out my limited funds trying to fix 🙁

The king of forgotten vehicles in this list has got to be the Gull Wing Mercedes 300, at least in my opinion. I am not a Mercedes fan either even thought I am selling a 1972 350SL right now that was rebuilt in Germany by Mercedes Benz itself!

1972 350SL

Restored 350SL

Aside from the Benz stuff that I am actually not that big a fan of there are C1 Corvettes that somehow people have been able to leave to the elements 🙁

Chevy Vette
C1 Vette

Then I could kick myself for not grabbing all the old Motorcycles that I had scene years ago in this condition.

Old Bike
Abandoned V-twin

Then you have more rare racing cars that were put away and forgotten. You have to wonder if the person that stored it away is even still alive at this point 😕

Rare car
Garage Find
Then you have a large collection of vintage cars that have been sitting forever or more it would seem? These always wind up having either family ties or friends of friends that have put one of there cars into the storage mix.

Barn Dream

We actually just picked up a low mile rare old Mercury from the 1940’s that had been sitting since 1964! Seemed like the find of a lifetime so to speak. Put it up for sale and even took it to a show called Dead Mans Curve We got the typical are you going to restore it questions but, no buyers 🙁 We eventually got a call from the deceased mans brother that came all the way from mid-America to buy the car back as he was trying to get it for years O:

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