Abandoned Classic and Exotic cars

Abandoned Classic and Exotic cars

Now for some real Abandoned Classic and Exotic cars that you not only are rare to see in real life, are even rarer to see abandoned lying around left for dead 🙄

Mercedes 300
Mercedes 300 Abandoned

When you see a late model Ferrari beat up behind any kind of place you wind up thinking had to be some drug dealers car or something? Who else would beat up a car that costs so much and then just throw it to the side anyway 😕

A Javalin, well you see them sitting all over the place. Heck I leave my house and when I take a turn off of my street there is one sitting in someones back yard. I neat collectable car but the AMC piece just doesn’t seem to have enough value to some people to really save 🙁

Rare Italian
Ferrari Abandoned
Then some form of old higher end looking Ferrari that was some for of GP car or something like that. Well that you would think someone of wealth must have passed away and forgotten to inform the family where they had left the car they used to race back in the day. Who else would let something like this languish in a field?

Then a Delorean that has only a limited following followed by what looks to be an Opel GT in the weeds. Again I was offered one that was hit in the front of the rear quarter. Was super solid but, to fix the damage wasn’t worth what you would have left. Just not worth enough when your done with it.

A Mustang that looks to be a Boss 302 from what I can tell. Had one of them within 3 or 4 miles of my house a decade ago. Had a major rod knock so my friend turned it down. I think it was the right thing to do even at this point in time.

Tuner Porsche
Porsche Abandoned

Then on to a Gull Wing 300 that is a car most anyone wishes they could be lucky enough to find. Matter of fact the used and classic car dealership I work with found a Gull Wing and had a hand in selling it. Was most likely the find of a lifetime as I do not think they have found anything that had that much value since 😕

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