Abandoned F Bodies Mopars and Fords

Abandoned F Bodies, Mopars and Fords

Yet another compilation of Abandoned F Bodies Mopars and Fords cars that will make you want to cry why would somebody neglect an awesome and rare car in this way 🙁

Abandoned Pony Cars
Abandoned Pony Cars

Sure a lot of people see a Camaro as a Kids car and they don’t see any value in the car they had when they were kids. I can almost jump on that bandwagon at least for the 3rd Gen F-bodies. I mean I had one T-top ’87 Firebird 5 speed but I unloaded it as I knew it was gonna tear apart with the 502 I wanted to put into it.

Plus I just couldn’t see myself driving something so similar to an IROC 😛

However I had a 1969 Camaro with a 307/TH350, Manual Disc, Power Steering with absolutely no rust on the body at all. The rug was missing and it had some electrical issuse but, even though it was a somewhat lame car with a low end V8 I still was able to get over $10,500 for it on EBAY. So I don’t have any problems with a 1st Gen F-body like a Firebird or Camaro.

Then there seem to be a few Mustangs laying around abandoned in the junkyards and woods. Not my favorite car as they are to brittle for how much they weigh. Torque boxes always are rusted out or the front suspension is caving in if it has rust problems. Then if it is a good one with a 427 or 428 good luck changing the spark plugs if you have headers 😯 Seriously when Ford engineers were designing then I don’t know what was going through their heads with how stupidly cramped it is in those engine compartments!

Then you see one Mopar with no hood but, what looks like a Six-Pack air filter setup just sitting there. How that car has not been snapped up and sent to something like Graveyard Carz is beyond me. Then there are a few Challengers sitting around returning to earth. I even see a ’71 Challenger in one of the yards that make me want to cry. I had a ’71 Challenger RT that I still miss to this day and wish I had never sold it. I even owned it twice but, the kid I sold it to originally destroyed it. Then who ever he sold it to sold off the 440 that was in the car and chopped anything that looked like rust out of it. Of course those are parts the nobody makes replacements for so it was just a parts car when I got it back and would up selling it on EBAY 🙁
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