Abandoned Military Trucks in California

Abandoned Military Trucks in California

This video about Abandoned Military Trucks in California is only partly true. As the cab over International Harvester is not a military vehicle

Not only that but the 2 Military trucks have the Army numbers painted over. So they were most likely bought as surplus vehicles for what ever was going on here 😕 Now you have to wonder about what the compound was being used for in the first place? The building was kind of hard to figure out what it was used for. Then the International Harvester flatbed doesn’t seem to be big enough for a logging operation or anything like that.

Military Trucks
Abandoned Military Trucks

Then you have to look at the 2 Military trucks. The first one seems to be a 5 Ton as it has dually rear tires on the back axles. Then when he walks over to the second truck it only has one tire instead of duals like the first. That means it is a Deuce and a Half from what I have been told from family that was a lifetime Military Solder.

Anyway, you look at it the tag on the IH reads that it has been there for over 30 years. That and the building looked like it had been there untouched even longer. So if it is in Cali then the weather shouldn’t be that bad. Well unless it is up on a mountain or something to that extent possibly? Enough people have found the trucks to smash the windows like a bunch of Tools. Even the 5 ton had it’s gauges smashed by someone who must have had no life. If you’re wondering why I say this it might because I would love to pick up some trucks like this but wouldn’t want to have to chase down a bunch of glass to fix what some A-hole went and smashed for no reason what so ever 👿

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