AMC 78′ Pacer wagon 500 cid Cadillac – $6000 (louisville ky)

Here is an odd Pacer

Craigslist find that seems rare as well as odd? This is an AMC Paver Wagon with a Cadillac 500 swap installed in it! Largest production engine at the time in a Pacer Wagon…

Pacer Wagon Hot Rod
Quite the Craigslist find with a 500 Cadillac swap in it too!

So aside from being a somewhat odd car in the first place, the owner of this car seems to have been an AMC collector over the years?

That is not a bad thing in my eyes as I had owned and daily drove a 1969 Rambler back in High School in the late 80’s. The straight six proved to be indestructible for the most part but, the three on the tree left much to be desired along with the clutch slipping that led me to scrap it. Plus it was rusty beyond belief 🙁

Caddy Swap
500ci Swap
Drivers View
The Rocket Ship Seat

Pacer rear hatch
View for the unsuspecting
Drivers Seat
If it wasn’t for the shifter you would never guess

OK, never mind my AMC memories. This being an AMC Pacer on Craigslist that I may have actually liked to have around. It would seem that he was able to find a Pacer Wagon without Rust until you read that he picked this wagon up years ago. For that matter, the engine that he swapped into it is also a somewhat rare thing to find these days too!

That engine would be a Cadillac 500 cubic inch engine. Not really a Horsepower King but, it has quite a bit of torque to back itself up.

That would be the reason to swap it in place of the AMC V8 this Pacer could possibly have had in it in the first place? Or it could have had a straight six, who knows at this point anyway. It then has a Turbo 400 transmission behind the Caddy engine but, that is to be expected.

This is the owner’s info on the Craigslist add…

AMC Caddy
The Pacer Wagon Cadillac 500 Swap story
Wagon Passenger Seat
Passenger seat that would get lots of use

If I was to buy this it would be somewhat of a car to keep as is for a History reason. If I was able to find a AMC Pacer wagon today I would swap in an LS engine with boost in a second. However, the Cadillac 500 was a popular swap back when you could find them for a dime a dozen. Unlike now when they are actually a bit rare to find.
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