Art Deco 50s lawn mower is hand fabricated steel!

Neat how it’s built

Art Deco 50s lawn mower is hand fabricated steel! It is interesting how it is fabricated out of odd pieces and parts.

It was built a smaller scale so the engine used was a two-stroke out of the snow blower. That way you kind of getting idea of its scale because it does look a little small?

Base of the lawnmower
Building base

However the wheel spats even though it doesn’t look like they took that much work still must have? Anywhere you want to look at it I would still like to shake the guys hand that build it.

Regular size versus
Size comparison
Now thinking of building one of my own is an interesting bit of engineering. My main problem would be the fact that I have about 2 acres to have to be cut. So making a small model wouldn’t be feasible. I would prefer something with a 36 inch cutting width. Along with being self-propelled because my lawn is on a hill. Of course thinking of all this would just make it more Labor building it that could be worth I would think?
Coming together
Parts fabrication
The only place that I could see showing it off would be jack town in Pennsylvania where I see a lot of things like this. I have actually seen people make diesel lawnmowers there. Self propelled diesel lawnmowers yet. I really have to hate pull starting that thing in the cold 🙁 T
Art Deco design
Finishing bodywork
Bodywork finished
Almost done
The Jacktown show is also a swap meet so I actually could sell it there. However that’s only if somebody is willing to pay for the amount of hours that have I into it. The shop time is $100 dollars an hour normally so with the amount of work on this it would not be cheap in anyway shape or form! Would deftly be something different however, not something you see everyday.

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