Awesome Survivor Fairlane

Car turns out better than thought

This awesome survivor Fairlane keeps turning out better and better it would seem? Came into the shop to see a rough but solid looking older Fairlane one day and didn’t think much of it at the time. Then after some polishing it started looking pretty good!

1957 Ford Fairlane survivor found sitting since the 1970's
Solid Front

It would seem to have been parked back in the mid 1970’s for some reason as it had a inspection sticker on it at the time. So it still could have been a collector car that someone daily drove or something.

Oil still in can from Ford Motorcraft still unopened
When is the last time you saw Motorcraft in a can?

Then in the trunk there are lots of little goodies to be found. Original Oil Cans from back in the day and original dealer flags that would be mounted behind the factory badging.

Y Block V8 Ford engine in Ford Fairlane
Is this original?
Then the good old JC Whitney catalog supplied a tube grille for the Fairlane. Now I’m not so sure about how it would look if it was put on the car but, I do remember them being a popular thing back in the day. An entire $19.98 was the price for this gem. So what ever happened to the .98 price deal? Everything is .99 now. Every penny that they can get from you now is the way it is!
Thunderbird valve cover on Fairlane engine
Or is it a Thunderbird engine?
Anyway I was curious as to why there is only 1 Thunderbird valve cover on the engine? Or is that just a part the original owner picked up someplace and stuck on the engine. It is a 2 barrel engine so I’m not sure if most Thunderbirds are four or two barrels back in the Y block engine days. Engine runs good considering how long it sat for. It’s over 40 years of sitting in a garage obviously as the car is to solid to have ever spent any time outside in the sun and rain. However the front seat looks like it sat someplace not so nice. Everything else in this car looks incredible otherwise!
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