Barn Find 1969 Pontiac GTO The Judge

Judge Grill
GTO fender dent

Talk about a Golden Find!

GTO Judge wing drivers

This Barn Find 1969 Pontiac GTO The Judge is one of if not the best car as of late to dig up when searching around for hidden treasures. Not only that but, it was found in Texas so bad rot shouldn’t be as much of an issue 🙂

Texas GTO JUdge
Dealer Tag

Of course someone already found this and it seems to have gone straight to EBAY 1969 Pontiac GTO The Judge Click and See

GTO Judge trunk
Slight Rust
GTO Judge wing
GTO Judge wing
GTO Judge radiator
Not original engine

This is the explanation of the EBAY sale-

“REAL DEAL. NO RESERVE AUCTION. 1969 Pontiac GTO JUDGE RAM AIR III. Sold new at Van Winkle Motors in Dallas, TX and recently found in a barn within aprox 60 miles away. This is a 2-owner all North Texas REAL Judge RAM AIR III GTO, PHS Verified. Carousel Orange with a Cordova Top. The car was found with her original YZ Engine Block (vin stamped), Heads, Intake Manafold and other engine parts. She still has her original paint, stripes, interior the original dealers tag on trunk lid and even the original license plate on the front. The 2nd owner purchased the car in original condition in 1979 from the original owner. She was taken off the road in 1987 due to an accident on the front driver fender/lower rocker and door, (see in the pictures). I believe the owner stated that the front passenger fender was damaged by a cow leaning into the car and that why it was replaced with a used fender, all other sheet metal is original. The owner stated that he swapped the engine out earlier on as he wanted to continue to drive the car while he rebuilt the original motor, I was told the motor was all original but he wanted to increase the power with a fresh rebuild. He told me that he thought the cam in the motor was the only thing that was not the original. Due to family issues, he just never completed the motor or the body repairs and the car has sat since 1987. He mentioned that the transmission and the rear-end are original to the car and after inspection, this looks to be correct. The PHS Documents verify her as a real Judge with factory AC, Power front disc brakes, power steering, automatic with console and a Cordova vinyl top. We removed the original carpet to inspect the floors and found an overall very solid floor with only a few spots that would need patched or replaced. The driver foot floor is the worst and would need replaced, the passenger floor is questionable and the rear passenger under the rear seat would need either patched or replaced. The foot area in the rear floor looks excellent. The Trunk floor is the worst part of the car that needs the most attention for rust. The floor has rust issues on the driver side and down the drop-off to the outer lower fender. A top restoration would suggest a full trunk floor. Body wise, this is north texas car; so no underbody undercoating and the sheet metal is original, so no guessing….all good in restoration work. The biggest issue is the front driver fender and door area, you can force the door to open and close, does no other damage doing this. The rear glass has a few typical rust spots arround the trim as this is a vinyl top car. All the glass is in great condition. We had to remove the original wheels and install the old Crager rollers, the original wheels do come with the car as you can see in the pictures. She also has her original hood and underhood Ram Air setup, but I was told her original aircleaner was stolen back in the early 80s and wasnt with the car. I looked up the numbers on the block in the car and its a Y7 block and may not be of value. But all of her original parts come with her and would make a great investment project. Check out the 100 pictures below with her original parts and the PHS Documents. Call Ron Hentschel at 682-333-7433. We are a Mustang Restoration and build shop, she need to go to the right home.”

GTO Judge inside
White Interior
GTO Seats
Back Seat
GTO Judge rear window
Package Tray
GTO Judge fender
Replacement Fender
GTO Judge side view
Rough Side View
So it would seem to be the real deal waiting for someone with a bit of money laying around to pick up and restore? I have a friend with a very similar 1969 Pontiac GTO The Judge with a White interior and everything. Main difference would be his has a RA IV cam in it and this burnout should prove that!

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