Barn Find Race Cars of all kinds!

Barn Find Race Cars of all kinds!

This video features Barn Find Race Cars of all kinds! Some plain race cars left out to die to what seem to be Gassers and Formula 1 cars sitting forgotten 😯

How rare and desirable cars such as Classic Ford Mustangs barn find race cars all the way to what seems to be a Devin are just left to rot away for some reason? Even what looks to be Formula 1 cars are just degrading away for some reason. Is it that the collectors have that much money that they can just forget what they have and let it return to earth or what?

Drag Cars
Lots of abandoned Race cars

Even the old Dirt Track cars sitting and rotting away are quite amazing too. So this collection of barn find race cars and plenty of field finds out there too. Just lot of vehicles to be found and restored by those lucky enough to find them I would have to say. Not me at this point as I am trying to sell off a Corvette, Mercedes Convertibles as they are just taking up to much space in my garage as it is 🙁

So this leaves one to wonder not that the cars are abandoned as some are just obviously used up race cars that would not have much use even as a parts car. That would generally be the Dirt Track cars as they are beaten and put away wet, not being of much use after a few seasons.

No the question is how the rare cars are forgotten about and left for dead. Such cars as what looked to a Devin or the Formula Indy style cars just sitting there deteriorating 😕 Are the awaiting restorations or just long forgotten and left for dead like a Hyundai would be because it’s basically worthless 😛
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