Barn finds and cars saved from the crusher 1930s 1970s

Barn finds and cars saved from the crusher 1930s-1970s

So from what I read about the person that took this video is that his father was a bit of a hoarder for Barn finds and cars saved from the crusher 1930s 1970s 😕

Hoarders Collection
Hoarders Collection

From what I was able to see in this video is that he had a very wide range of tastes when it came to collecting almost everything.

He did seem to favor one of my somewhat favorite cars that died in the earlier 60’s. That would be Studebakers, he seemed to get quite a few of the Bullet Nose Studes. However he also seemed to get a few of the streamlined ones that covered a few years. The ones that the Bonneville guys like to modify for their aerodynamics.

Then he got his hands on some old panel bus from the nuclear physics department or something like that 😕 Little further into the yard starts to have some muscle cars like a convertible 351 something Cleveland or Windsor I don’t know?

Then I guess you lossed his way in that he had a few F body Camaros sitting around, nobody really wants them anyway 🙄 Quite a few Studebaker pickup trucks another nice find in the yard. Then a lot of the late 50s early 60s station wagons that have neat body lines and cool rap around glass along with the tail fins. Of course he had a few of the Tri 5 50’s Chevys sitting around in the tall weeds. Then for some reason even had some GM Safari vans on the lot, why anybody would collect something like that for any reason I have no idea?

Even how he had them all laid out I doubt it looked like a junkyard and not a haorders collection but, everything is pretty much complete so
except for the wrecked ones it could be a pickers dread 🙂

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