Car Show Cadillac Convertible Find

Went for a ride to check out a Car Show Find

Caddy Classics
Cool Bumper n Lights

So friend ran across this Car Show Cadillac Convertible Find one day along with some others. However we were in need of some Cadillac parts so we decided to check it out.

We saw a few things that didn’t exactly fall into place when we got there. A few should be noticeable by most people that are car buffs. One thing that the car owner said was that the CB Radio was a Dealer Installed item. Well when we investigated a bit closer it looks just like a Radio Shack unit that you could buy back in the day. Not only that but, why would a dealership mount the CB antenna in such a location as this 😕

CB radio installed
Not Dealer Installed

Then there was the slight exhaust leak. Something that you would expect to hear or see on a car this old. Most exhaust shops see a car like this pull in and think payday! Then they hit up the older owners for all sorts of alleged special fees cause it is such and old full sized car. 🙄

Nice interior on this Caddilac
Radio Shack CB

Then the front fenders were rusted fairly badly. Not on the outside but, on the inside where you cannot see it. Sure you would think who cares then as you cannot see it. However the fenders are not going to stay on the car for long as the entire thing is going to come loose after not to long being rotted on the inside mounting points.

Parts in Cadillac Truck
Extra Grille

It came with another grille and quite a few parts. I think I even remember the owner saying he had 2 more front fenders to go along with the car possibly? The interior was fairly decent but, it was showing some cracking so who knows how long till things would start to rip? we passed on it as the car we had was in better condition than this one with it’s various problems.

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