CL Find V8 Vega Wagon

Was told about this on Craigslist one day.

Just got out of work and was told about a CL Find V8 Vega Wagon! Immediately called the number and talked to the owner so I could take a look at it. I recognized it as one I had seen driving years ago so I bought it.

Chevrolet V8 Vega Wagon
Craigslist Vega Wagon

Unfortunately it was many years before that I had seen it and it appeared to have been driven hard and put away wet.

Craigslist V8 Vega
Pass Side Fender Rot

Not only that but, it had no engine at this point either. It came with the V8 Hooker Headers and motor mounts that he had used. It also had the radiator sitting in the back. So after getting it back to the shop I kept finding more and more rot that I really wasn’t feeling like fixing. It was also missing the torque arm to the rear axle as the guy said it drove fine without it.

Of course I know the way I drive and it would definitely get broken with me without it 🙁

Put it on EBAY and was only able to get $50 more than I paid for it and if I remember correctly some one from New York State drove down to pick it up after he won it.

Aside from all the above does anyone know where to get Vega parts anymore? I went nuts trying to find fenders for it but, most of the stuff isn’t made anymore 🙁

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