Make a great Pit Vehicle

CLASSIC RARE DODGE DREAMER ALL ORIGINAL Craigslist add looks like a killer deal to me right about now. If it was local to me I would take a look at it before it disappears!

CL find
Craigslist Catch

Unsure but, to my knowledge Dodge Vans are a unibody vehicle as my brother had a 1 ton version. It had no frame under it was a main part of the reasoning that he purchased it back in the 1990’s. Wikipedia covers this. So I would have to think that this may have a frame fabricated to deal with the Bed that is attached.

Nice Interior

Trying to research the Dreamer build I did find a post that said those are made from a c & c chassis. They then used a GM bed to make the rest of what you would think would be all Mopar? It is still 440 powered so I would be fairly sure that it will have no problems pulling a trailer as the 440 is a grunt monster. Had one in a ’71 RT Challenger decades ago and it was a spin the rear at will in 1st and 2nd gear 😛

5th Wheel Hitch
Aside from that this Craigslist Dodge Dreamer is in perfect shape with some low miles according to the add that quotes- “pictures are today and yes that’s the original paint and graphics. One of 100 built its been said. Not a rust hole on it its that solid. Original 75000 mile 440 MOPAR POWER. Original interior as well.
Runs but needs brakes and driveline refreshed. Auto ac 1978 model.Documented actual mileage.”
I had a 4×4 conversion Ford Explorer Van that was a quite nice to take down to Forked River. Had a fold down rear seat that turned into a bed plus all the other chairs are captains chairs. So it was altogether comfortable to go wheeling with so if I could get a 4×4 Dreamer it would be golden!

Video was added because I could not find any on YouTube of an original Dreamer?!

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