Cool Fire Truck while Junking Maverick

As title says we saw a 4×4 Fire Truck on way to scrap a Maverick.

So we saw this Cool Fire Truck while Junking Maverick that was basically beyond repair even though it was a Bigger Straight Six that even had Air Conditioning.

Well this ratty Ford Maverick was picked up quite a few years ago in trade for another car. It came packed with other car parts to boot. Lots of other New Old Stock parts like Trans Am grills and interior pieces. Then Fenders from the same year Firebird/Trans Am and even a bunch of Hub Caps from SS Chevy’s or Buick Wire Wheel covers.

Maverick Gauges
Not many miles

It amazingly had a cooler for the power steering, something that I would not think I would see on a somewhat compact car for it’s day 😕 This car was equipped with the larger straight six engine too so we took the cylinder head off of it in case it was needed for any of the other many 6 cylinder cars that are in this collection. Amazingly this engine wasn’t stuck or seized as it hadn’t had spark plugs in it for quite a few years.

Ford Maverick
Maverick AC

It had an aftermarket pioneer radio in it and a couple things along with Rutgers University stickers all over it for four years. So who knows what class the student driving a four-door Maverick was taking back then?

Tape Deck in Maverick

So we took all the scrap out Hooked it up to the wrecker and took to the scrapyard. But while we were there we saw a very interesting 4 x 4 fire truck or something from somewhere that looked rather rust free. Trying to figure out if they’re going to scrap it or keep it so it can be sold to somebody so it would be something rather interesting to go to a different cab on or turned into a different vehicle possibly?

Not like I have enough room for something that large my driveway but I could always a hope and try 🙄

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