CRAIGSLIST 1961 Chrysler 300 G project – $10000 (White Oak)

Rare Chrysler with rarer Intake!

Rare 1961 Chrysler 300 G project found on Craigslist that is fairly rough but, could very well be worth it. This project 300 comes with the rare Cross Ram intake manifolds!

Cross Ram Car
Solid 300 G from the looks of it

I came to see this on Facebook link for 300G with some people arguing that the price must be a typo with an extra 0 or something in the price?

Front letter car
Chrysler 300 G grille

However, when correctly restored a Letter car such as this Chrysler with the Cross Ram could really be worth quite a large sum of money!

Find Quarters
Great Looking Fins
Now to run a quick check to see what Chrysler 300 G’s are going for I did a quick Google for sale search and came up with a Hemmings listing of 300 G’s for sale. The prices are either a so-so to a Holy Crap over six figures on what was available when I checked.
Of course, the big number car is or was a convertible if it has not sold when you check the link? That and it will also depend on if you have the capability to restore a car on your own or have to send it to a shop for a few years to do a rotisserie restoration? Of course, that also means if it needs to go that far to be restored?

Vin Tag
Confirmation plate
Number Plate
I worked with a dealership that was very adamant that a car is only original once and if you restore it, it will never be original again 🙁

I used to think that a body off or frame off restoration was the only way to go. However, after watching what they had and what they had sold over the years I kind of have to agree now. I saw a 1959 Green on Green Cadillac convertible that they owned sell it to a buyer who went and painted it Red with a Red interior. The new owner then had a new White convertible roof installed on the car that was a fairly rare color code in the first place.

So if they had restored the car and put the money into it, the new owner changed everything anyway. So keeping it original is fine as someone is going to do what they want with it anyway. That and if it goes on the auction block an original car will sell for more money than a restored car in the first place.

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