Craigslist 1970 Dodge Challenger TA FM3 Project

Still worth it!

Craigslist 1970 Dodge Challenger TA FM3 Project that should be worth a whole lot more when the restoration is finished! Wish I had the money to pick this up and finish it 🙁


Yes the color is going to be a big plus for the resale value on it.

No front
Bit rough

My last E-body was Vitamin C Orange or Hemi Orange for the uninformed so, I tend to favor that color instead of the Pink. However, this color will still demand a good price on the Market!

Drivers door
Bit rougher this side
Another thing that is a turn off to me would be that it is an A block car. My car originally was an A block 4 speed R/T Challenger but, when I got it there was a 440/727 with a manual valve body in it. It also had a 4:56 mini spool rear in it too since it was basically a drag strip car with the heater box removed too.
Looks good
Quarter ain’t bad
This car however even though it does not have the original numbers matching engine, it does seem to have the correct engine to go with the car. However, again this car is an automatic. Would be a lot more fun if it had a 4-speed stick but, most everything is better with a manual transmission option behind the V8. Heck even behind a 6 cylinder and stick can make it livable!

Anyway, this is a fairly rare car in its own right with the price showing it even though it needs a complete restoration. I don’t follow Mark Worman as he claims to restore the cars to original but, he uses aftermarket Carberators or jip exhaust manifolds 🙁

How can you claim to restore a car using non-original parts? I mean who can’t rebuild a 4 barrel carb? Instead, he picks up an Edelbrock carburetor and puts that on a “restored” car. Yeah, uh, that just ain’t right in my book!

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